Sterling Silver Ivy vine necklace.

It was such a privilege to design and make this necklace, a surprise gift from Groom to Bride on their wedding day.

The happy couple are both creatives, working in the field of illustration and graphic novels. This was a blessing as the groom was totally into the design process. Having been a part of designing and making the couples engagement and wedding rings i was excited to get stuck in with this final piece of the puzzle.

The brief was simple: To tie in the design theme of the wedding rings to create a sense of unity between all of the pieces of jewellery. 

The wedding rings have ivy leaf and vine details over the surface, to appear as thought the vines are growing throughout the rings.

My initial idea when thinking of marriage and unity was an unbroken circle, symbolising eternal love which would work perfectly with the twists of ivy vines. When making the piece I used three different thicknesses of wire plaited together to give a soft natural look. This was then formed into a circle shape and the ends carefully welded together to from the unbroken circle.

The ivy leaves I pierced by hand from silver sheet, welded onto the vines and shaped and engraved the vein detail to finish. I chose to use three ivy leaves to represent the past, present and future, the couples journey together.

Being a part of their journey has been an absolute pleasure, looking through the above pictures you can see what a gorgeous couple they are.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Wildgoose!

*Please note, all wedding photographs taken by Lucy Noble Photography.

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