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Everyone feels it. That shot of excitement. That fear mixed with adrenaline.

When you’re clinging to the ridge of a mountain, ready to throw yourself down THAT untouched area of off piste. When you’re using your last vestige of energy after trekking hours to get to the highest peak, just to see THAT sunrise. When you’re alone, or with your closest friends by your side, these feelings, experiences and memories could not be possible without one special thing: The mountains.

The powerful, untamed and epic nature of their natural form is something that simply cannot be captured, but this is what I aim to reflect in my jewellery. I create each piece through sculpting lines and shapes captured by memories and personal photographs of moments such as these. The wild cliff faces, crevasses and sheer peaks are the inspiration behind the tactile textures and deeply scored surfaces of each piece.

However, it’s not just the aesthetic of the scenery I use for inspiration. Whether it was forcing my burning legs to the very top of a glacial peak or standing with friends on a snow covered mountain with blue skies and the sun on my back, it is these personal moments I wish to recreate in my jewellery also. This is why when you select a piece and hold it in your hands, I want it to give you that spark as you recall a memory or achievement you have. To treasure it, to relive it….

…to seek adventure.






Handcrafted Mountain Jewellery , with you for life’s greatest adventures.

Peak Jewellery was established to create and provide statement mountain jewellery for both men and women to express their passion for the great outdoors and its natural beauty. Translating nature and landscapes into wearable Sculptures.
With collections encapsulating Sterling Silver mountain necklaces, handcrafted from precious metals that create a tactile and sculptural feel.

Peak Jewellery is designed and handcrafted by Michelle from a garden studio in Stony Stratford, England. Every piece of Peak Jewellery produced is made to an exacting standard to ensure each customer receives a quality piece that they can cherish for a lifetime.

“When creating Peak Jewellery there were a lot of important
ideals I want my brand to uphold.”
What I keep as a priority are;”

-Creating a Sustainable and Eco friendly brand

All of the packaging and materials are sourced from either recycled materials or from sustainable sources.
Peak Jewellery’s impact on the environment is considered during all workshop practices such as; avoiding single use plastics and recycling/ reusing materials where possible.

-Committing to supporting charities I believe in, through my jewellery making.

I want my customers to be proud that their purchases have been thoughtfully created with the environment in mind. By purchasing from Peak Jewellery, you are not only supporting a handmade business, but you are also helping out selected charities. These include Mountain Rescue and Mission Blue.

Thank you for your support, Michelle

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Glacier Collection

Solid Sterling Silver sculptural necklaces with a tactile and substantial feel.

Inspired by wild mountain landscapes, each pendants'shape reflect the peaks and valleys of beautiful mountain ranges which never ceases to amaze and inspire.


Love the Mountains

In love with the mountains, in love with adventure and in love with jewellery.

Minimalist Heart Shape Mountain Necklaces. Sterling Silver Handmade Mountain Necklaces easy to wear everyday, show your love for the great outdoors. A perfect mountain gift.

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The Peak Jewellery Collection



Jewellery is special for many different reasons. I believe one of the most important reasons is that it is unique and meaningful to the individual who wears it. If you would like to commission a unique ‘One off’piece , please do not hesitate to get in touch.
Here are some previous bespoke commissions….

The Future

There are many places I want to push Peak Jewellery they include a ‘Jewellery for Men’ range and also wedding jewellery.

Watch this space for updates.


Packaging peak jewellery

What to expect when you receive your Peak Jewellery order.

One of the most important practices I want to uphold is to create a Sustainable and Eco friendly brand. An obvious place to start this is with the packaging and materials I choose to use to represent Peak Jewellery. When you receive your order, it will include the following items that are captured in the above image

  • Kraft postage box – A simple unassuming box that will keep your items safe and protected.
  • Slate grey acid free tissue paper. The entire contents of the box will be carefully wrapped in this tissue paper, to make it extra special to unwrap.
  • A slate grey gift bag with luxury rope handles. The gift box will be nestled inside the bag, perfect if you are sending direct to your giftee!
  • Kraft gift box with embossed Peak Jewellery logo.
  • Handwritten thank you note with jewellery after care instructions. I can also write a personalised message to your recipient, just add this information when you place your order.
  • Business card with all contact details.

All the items included in your order are made from recycled materials, which can also be recycled when you have finished with them. The gift box is also the perfect safe place to store the jewellery when you are not wearing it.
I love packaging up each parcel, ensuring they are secure and will arrive in perfect condition.

If you have any specific requirements of personal touches you would like adding to your order, please just email me info@peakjewellery.com

Thank you so much for your continued support!


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